Tips for a Winter Sale in Collingwood, The Blue Mountains and Meaford

Have you heard that Springtime is the only time to sell your home?  The Real Estate Market historically picks up in the Spring months, but this doesn’t mean all other seasons are off limits.  Considering we live in a country with a ridiculously long winter season, and in a region – The Blue Mountains, Ontario – that is a Winter destination, I’m here to tell you a Winter Sale is your friend.

Here in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains, our Winter Season is a big reason people move into the area, so selling your home or chalet at this time makes a lot of sense.  Here are 3 important tips for selling during the cold winter months.

First Impressions

Home buyers are finding listings online 85% of the time, and in the cold winter days, that number goes up while buyers take their search online while staying cozy at home!  That means your listing’s first impression is happening online.  We’re going to ensure your listing has a virtual walkthrough, professional photos, drafted floor plans, drone photography, and videography.  The drone photography and videography is really key in our region, in my opinion, to showcase where you are in relation to the beach or the ski hills.  

Professional photography is key in the Winter with the lower light levels – the professional lighting really makes a difference.  And when old man winter is really ruining the shot, we have post production to do a sky replacement, or make other virtual adjustments.  Sometimes we’ll take the Seller Client’s own photos of their exteriors in the Summertime to showcase what the gardens and lawn look like in the warmer months.

Price to Sell

When listing in the Winter, you want to price your home to sell.  Competitively priced homes that are well prepped for the market will sell no matter the season.  There are traditionally fewer buyers in the Winter, so it’s important to list at a price that brings in the largest pool of potential buyers as possible!

Stage to Impress

Your potential buyers have seen your perfectly executed online listing, they’re impressed by your pricing strategy, and they have booked a showing.  Show time!  (Literally).  Ensure your front walk is shoveled and de-iced.  Days are shorter and nights are longer: consider putting your exterior lights and lamps on timers so that buyers enter a warm, glowing home.  Especially your front foyer – you don’t want buyers scrambling for a light switch in the dark while they remove their shoes.  Staging in the winter is all about adding those cozy touches, a throw blanket, the gas fireplace on, and where we are in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains, often the skis on display in the mudroom.

Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Meaford – this area is known for its Four Seasons Lifestyle – and you can have a successful house sale in every one of those four seasons with the right preparation and marketing plan. 

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