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Finding an annual or seasonal rental can be challenging – you’re going to want to work with someone who is familiar with the area and the local market, someone who can find your ideal property and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

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“Emily was so friendly and helpful not only with our search but also in general information in the surrounding area. She guided us through the process and took time to explain everything. “

– Ben Faulkner (Renter)

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Gathering Documents

Not the most exciting step, but the most important one.  Create your application portfolio by gathering Credit Checks, Previous Landlord References, Proof of Income, Proof of Employment etc.


Best practice is to gather referrals from your friends, family and online searches based on the area you are looking to rent in and interview your top 3  (either in-person or by video call). Go with who you feel has the most knowledge AND you feel aligned with.


Otherwise known as a "discovery session" let's talk about your needs and wants and answer any questions you may still have about the process. 


Now for the fun part!  Let's see some rentals that match your criteria - but keep an open mind!  Speed dating, but make it Homes!


This is where Step 1 set you up for success: It's time to submit your Rental Application.  Remember there are no dumb questions - make sure you read and understand every line before signing.

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Renters' Checklist for a Successful Application

Looking for the cheat sheet on how to make your application stand out?  Look no further download my free checklist now!

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Let’s find your ideal seasonal or full time rental!  Customize your search with zero obligations.  Find one that looks like it just walked out of your dreams and onto the computer screen?  Let’s check it out!

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About Renting Real Estate in Southern Georgian Bay?

Many Annual or Seasonal Rentals in Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Meaford, Wasaga Beach and Owen Sound include a Pet Policy in the description.  Some rentals explicitly request ‘No Pets’, others share their Condo Corporations Rules and Regulations for certain size or number of pets.  Often its included in the Lease Agreement that there is an additional deposit for damage caused by a pet OR a clause stating it is the renters’ responsibility to fix any damage caused by their pet.  

The Blue Mountains and surrounding area is a four-season vacation spot, attracting temporary renters who come for the Ski Season, Summer on the Bay or the beautiful Autumn colours.  Typically, Seasonal Rentals are 3-4 months.  30+ day rentals are also common.  Its important to find out if the rate for the rental is for the month or a 3-4 month season.  

The Town of the Blue Mountains, which includes the area surrounding the Blue Mountain Village has limits on AirBnB and similar 30-day or less rentals.  

They must operate with a license, provided by The Town.  They must be within a specific designated area – which is shown in this map.

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