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If you’re looking for an annual rental, then you know how competitive the market can be – especially in the Blue Mountain area where a lot of rentals are Seasonal, rather than annual. But, with a little preparation and negotiation, you can set yourself up for success when you do find that rental gem. Today, I want to share some tips on how to make your rental application stand out and how to negotiate a rental agreement for your best interests.

Get your ducks in a row

That means being prepared with all the documentation a landlord will request: have your employment letters, credit checks, and reference letters ready to go. Make sure your credit is in good standing, and if there are any issues, get in front of it by preemptively explaining them to potential landlords. We’re all human, and credit scores don’t always show the whole story.  Having reference letters from past roommates or landlords can also show that you’re a responsible tenant.  Make it personal: add a little bit about yourself to put a personality behind all that documentation


Negotiate. Negotiate. Negotiate.

Next, don’t be afraid to negotiate. You’ve positioned yourself as an ideal candidate, now you can make demands to sweeten the deal in your favour. You can negotiate the rent amount, the length of the lease, the move-in date… but you can also negotiate things like carpet cleaning before you move-in.  You have bargaining power.

Timing Matters.

Finally, you can negotiate the timing of your rental agreement. Did you know that you don’t have to start your lease on the first of the month? You can start at any point in the month, and the rental amount for the first month can be prorated for the exact date you want to move in. This can save you, not only money, but also save you from couch surfing or carrying two rentals during the transition.

You can avoid couch surfing by negotiating your lease start date

So, if you’re a renter in The Blue Mountain area, this is my advice: set yourself up for success by having all your documents ready to go, negotiate (or have your Realtor negotiate) to get what you want,  and don’t be afraid to customize the rental agreement to fit your needs. By doing so, you’ll be able to move into a rental that suits you perfectly.

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