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Meaford, located on the shores of Georgian Bay at the mouth of Bighead River, is a quaint town with a classic red brick downtown Main Street.  Meaford has a beautiful balance of honouring its past and looking towards the future.  Proudly rooted in agriculture, Meaford has a strong Apple Growing past, which you can see reference most obviously in their adorable apple shaped tourist centre and ongoing Apple Harvest Craft Show.  Meaford also honours author (Margaret) Marshall Saunders who wrote Beautiful Joe – a timeless story about animal wellfare (I remember my grandma gifting me the book and it had a big impact on me!). Not just looking to the Past, Meaford has a great scene for live music, theatre and film at the Meaford Hall Arts & Cultural Centre.  Fabulous restaurants, unique shops and a brand new state of the art Library are some of the many reasons you’ll love Meaford!

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Location of Meaford

Meaford the town is located in The Municipality of Meaford, which reaches from the Town of the Blue Mountain limits almost to Owen Sound and also include the communities of Annan, Balaclava, Bognor, Centreville and Leith.  Meaford being the largest Town in the municipality, is located at the mouth of Bighead River.

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Access to Nature

 Situated along the Bighead River and Georgian Bay, there’s access to beautiful waterfront and a network of bike paths and hiking trails.

Further to the Hill

A short 20 mins to the ski hill, Meaford is a little further out.  For Seasonal Winter rentals, this makes it a bit less attractive as a rental investment.


In General, Meaford housing is a bit more affordable and offers more “bang for your buck” than Thornbury and Collingwood.

Quieter Downtown

Meaford’s downtown can feel a little dead at times: not every storefront is open for business.  Its harder for independents to ‘make it’ in Meaford.


Meaford Hospital keeps healthcare close to home.  Owen Sound and Collingwood are the closest other options.


Meaford is fairly spread out and it would be inconvenient to be without a vehicle.  There is a transportation service for those with mobility-challenges.

Home Styles In Meaford

Someone should consider living in Meaford due to its quiet community, easy access to nature, easy commute to both Owen Sound and Collingwood, independent shops and great restaurants, and Music/Arts scene. This neighborhood is ideal for those who value a close-knit community, outdoor activities and unique (but limited) shopping and dining experiences.


Century Homes

Meaford has some really beautiful, grand, brick Century Homes which, while a labour of love to update, are a truly lovely nod to Meaford’s history.


Single Family Homes

Meaford has many single-family homes, ranging in size and style from charming older homes to modern, newly constructed houses.


Townhouses & Condos

Meaford has newer and older townhouse and condominium options for those looking for the convenience of maintenance or the lifestyle of community amenities.  


A new state-of-art building, locally Georgian Bay Community School is referred to as “The Super School” for its combination of Pre-school, Kindergarten, Middle and Secondary School in one building, sitting on approximately 16.5 acres. This school offers French Immersion/extended French courses for its students. 
There is a triple gymnasium, automotive/manufacturing and construction shops and a “cafetorium” with a stage.

Places of Interest

Meaford has a lot to offer both locals and visitors, whether you’re a shopaholic or nature-seeker – Meaford has it all!

A local favourite restaurant and absolutely packed on Wing night; The Leeky is the place to meet friends… bring your appetite!

Attracting big names and new favourites.  No need to drive hours to the nearest city to get your Live Music or Theatre fix! 

In my humble opinion, I think Meaford’s harbour is the prettiest in the area.  Right on the boarder of Meaford and Thornbury is Christie Beach, a local favourite of families especially for its sandy beach and shallow waters where you can safely walk out and swim on the sandbars.

This whimsical boutique is a haven of beauty that could brighten the dreariest of days.  It’s a treasure trove of fresh cut flowers, potted plants, and charming gifts galore!

8.5 acres of tranquil greenery bounded by the Bighead River, with great tobogganing in the Winter, this is a lovely retreat in town.

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