Hello, my fabulous readers! Today, let’s dive into a question that buyers often ask once we finish up the Home Inspection:

“Can Buyers Request the Seller Make Repairs Before Closing on the Property?”

Sometimes a Buyer feels lucky to have a Conditional Offer in hand and doesn’t want to “rock the boat” by requesting repairs – or sometimes, Buyers feel like this is their change to knock a couple extra bucks off the purchase price – let’s review the intricacies of requesting repairs!

Understanding the Home Inspection Condition

Incorporating a Home Inspection Condition into your offer is like bringing in a detective to scrutinize every nook and cranny of your potential home. It goes beyond the surface, revealing both the charming details and the possible deal-breakers.  

Peeling Back the Layers: The Home Inspector’s Report

Your home inspector is a third-party professional, providing you with a detailed report. This document outlines everything from minor imperfections to issues that might make you reconsider the deal. Keep in mind that home inspectors focus on visible problems, offering a comprehensive yet general perspective.

Navigating the Delicate Dance of Decision-Making

Armed with the inspection report, it’s time to make decisions. Do you request specific repairs from the seller, opt for a cash settlement, take on the repairs yourself, or choose to overlook certain concerns? Each choice has its own set of implications, and it’s crucial to carefully discuss these findings with your Realtor, research costs and soul-search how this will impact your enjoyment of the property.

Thinking Outside the Toolbox:
Cash Credits as an Alternative

Consider the option of requesting a cash credit instead of pushing the seller to handle repairs directly. This approach provides you with the flexibility to manage necessary fixes according to your priorities.

Striking The Right Balance:
Critical Vs. Negotiable Issues

In essence, this stage involves discerning between critical issues that could impact the deal and those that are more negotiable. Striking the right balance between repairs, cash credits, and personal responsibility is the key to smoothly navigating this phase of the home-buying journey.  And its a super important step to ensure you are starting the homeownership journey with eyes wide open!

As you move forward in your home-buying journey, armed with insights from the home inspection, remember that making informed decisions is crucial. It’s not just about finding your dream home; it’s about ensuring it remains a dream throughout your ownership. Buckle up, and enjoy this exciting adventure with confidence!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m just a phone call away, always ready to make your home-buying journey as smooth and successful as possible. After all, your success is my success. Happy buying! 🏡💫

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