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You want to work with someone you trust when buying a home. Your Realtor works with you and for you behind the scenes to make sure you get everything you’re looking for in your new home. Do your research on who YOU want to work with.  You can count on my local knowledge and real estate expertise to make your buying experience a success.

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“Emily listened and provided valuable insight into the local market… She successfully supported us with expert advice when purchasing our dream home. “

– Lisa Smyth (Buyer)

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First things first: get pre-approved by a lender. Need some referrals?  I'd be happy to connect you with brokers my clients have enjoyed working with in the past. 

Choose your realtor®

Best practice is to gather referrals from your friends, family and online searches based on the area you are looking to buy in and interview your top 3  (either in-person or by video call). Go with who you feel has the most knowledge AND you feel aligned with.


Otherwise known as a "discovery session" let's talk about your needs and wants and answer any questions you may still have about the process. 

The Fun Part

Now for the fun part!  Let's see some houses that match your criteria - but keep an open mind!  Speed dating, but make it Homes!

Offer Time

You've speed dated and now you're ready to get married.  It's time to submit your offer to purchase.  Remember there are no dumb questions - make sure you read and understand every line before signing.

Accepted Offers & Beyond

Congrats! You have an accepted purchase agreement - but we're not done.  Deposit delivery, fulfilling conditions, choosing a real estate lawyer, and, completing additional walkthroughs - this is where I shine!

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Lets get really clear on your ideal home with this comprehensive checklist plus bonus Closing Cost Calculator!

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There is a property out there that fits your Dream Home description!  We just have to find it.  Search homes in your ideal neighbourhood and you’re one step closer to living the dream in Southern Georgian Bay!  

No obligation… just consider it window shopping!

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About Buying Real Estate in Southern Georgian Bay?

There are real advantages to being a pre-approved buyer:

  • You will know what you can afford and be able to confidently put in an offer that fits your budget.
  • A pre-approval could potentially save you money by ‘locking in’ a favourable rate, typically guaranteed for 90-120 days.  If interest rates go down in that time, you can still have access to the lower rate offer.
  • Give yourself an edge. Having a pre-approval demonstrates to sellers that you are a serious buyer with a confirmed financial plan.  This can help when negotiating your home purchase in Collingwood, Blue Mountain, Meaford, Owen Sound and Wasaga Beach.

Before you buy a property, it is wise to have it inspected by a qualified professional property inspector.  The cost will be $400 and up depending upon the inspector and the size of the property.  In addition to a Home Inspection, the property may also need a Septic Inspection, a Well Inspections and water potability tests or a WETT Inspection of the fireplace.  We can provide trusted local inspector recommendations in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury, Blue Mountains, Meaford and Owen Sound.   

If you’re a first time buyer, most or all of the land transfer tax can be rebated. 

First, here’s how to calculate the taxes:

Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculation

0.5% of the first $55,000 of the purchase price

1.0% of the next $195,000 of the purchase price

1.5% of the next $150,000 of the purchase price, and

2.0% of the balance of the purchase price (for residential properties).

For Real Estate in Toronto, there is an additional Toronto Land Transfer Tax.  This tax doesn’t apply in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Thornbury, Blue Mountains, Meaford and Owen Sound.   

Your offer was accepted and you’ve submitted the initial deposit upon acceptance.  Now what?  During the lawyer meeting, you’ll be asked to provide a cheque that will include your down payment, adjustments and any other accrued costs, less the initial deposit.  Closing costs incurred on the day of closing include:

  • Down payment
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Land transfer tax
  •  Adjustments
  • Lawyer Fees
  • HST (if applicable)

Congratulations!  The long awaited day is finally here! 

Before you officially close, I recommend a final walkthrough where we check all appliances, garage door openers, central vac, hot tub and pool equipment to ensure everything is in working order.  If something isn’t in good working order, we will communicate with lawyers and the Selling Realtor immediately to find a solution.

Once the sellers’ lawyer has received the funds on closing day, you’ll receive your keys to your new home, either at your lawyers office, your realtor’s office or via a lockbox on the house.  The time of day your home closes varies, so I always recommend moving in at least one day after closing.  Booking any moving services on closing day is not recommended.  

Once you arrive at your new home, replace locks and check fire alarm and CO detector batteries for safety.

Enjoy your new home!

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