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The secret is out on Collingwood, and I’m here to give you a little insight on why Collingwood made the top 10 list of Canada’s fastest-growing smaller urban centres, according to Statistics Canada latest census.

The Secret Is OUT!

Collingwood is the gateway for Toronto visitors to access Blue Mountain Ski Resort and Private Ski Clubs.  The ski hills, as well as the Grain Terminals are what many think of when they picture Collingwood.  Technically, the ski hills are on the other side of a county border and not part of Collingwood proper, but that doesn’t stop it from welcoming ski bunnies and summer tourists alike as a true four seasons destination.

One of my favourite things about Collingwood is its Main Street which is packed with independently owned, lovely decor, clothing and art shops that cater to a discerning clientele.  The many restaurants and breweries offer a ton of variety – Collingwood’s very own The Pine is the 51st Best Restaurant in Canada – not bad for a town of 24,000.  

Hugging the shoreline, Collingwood’s waterfront is utilized for public parks and private residences, with harbour access available right at the base of the main street for fabulous walking tours.  There are a number of denser condo or townhome developments on the water that offer fantastic amenities above and beyond private beaches, like tennis courts and club houses.  Some of these include Wildewood Cove, Admiral’s Gate, Cranberry Surf, The Shipyards, Blue Shores, each with their own unique amenities and waterfront. 

If you’re following Real Estate in Collingwood you may hear the term “Treed Streets”: The West End of Collingwood, between Hurontario and High Street, are all named after trees: Birch, Oak, Maple – you get the idea – and this section of town is often considered extra desirable they often boast Century homes, large yards, and of course you’re walking distance to downtown and the water.  On the south end of town we have very desirable new developments with lots of options for single detached and townhomes.  I just helped clients of mine settle in one such development – Mountaincroft – and they have been blown away not just with the size of home and yard but also the friendliness of the community.

With a larger community, there are many options for schools, all of which I’ve detailed on my website,  There you’ll also find my top 5 places I LOVE in Collingwood.  Let me know in the comments what your Must-Go places in Collingwood are!

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